Easter has just passed by and now the trees are almost full of flowers and there are blossoms everywhere. Spring has gone and the arrival of summer is at its peak. This means everyone has to worry about the temperature and start preparing for the summers to deal with it.

Getting hold of the just right basic bedding basics for every changing season is a very important step in your attempt to make sure you sleep in luxury and blissful comfort. Apart from being in possession of the best bed in town, topped up with a comfy mattress, you also need to give a serious thought to the choice of a duvet, which is going to be your close companion in your nocturnal journey to dreamland. With so many different types of the natural or synthetic filled duvet categories, it may seem pretty difficult to pick up the right one for the summers to live up to your expectations.

There are a number of different materials that these duvets and fillings are made from, however for simplicity let’s split them into manmade, mixed and natural categories. The choice of the duvet surely depends on a number of factors, like season, size, filling and tog but we say for a lot of people price is the largest and most significant consideration. Manmade fibres such as polyester, hollow fibre, and others really offers a low price but they do lack the breathability, means they insulate well but they do not allow the duvet to breathe properly and make the sleeper comfortable and whereas on the other hand the natural fibres such as down, feathers, wool or silk provide great insulation and offer better levels of breath ability than the manmade equivalent. Breathability of a duvet is as important as the insulation. So, they are more expensive and the level of expense can vary significantly depending on the natural fibre chosen.


Let’s take a glance through a natural duvet, Siberian goose down duvet for summers which is really within everyone’s reach and so beautiful that catches the eye of the consumer instantly because of its salient features.

Exceptionally Lightweight:

In spite of pulling over a bulky looking duvet in summers, you will never feel the burden of down as it is the softest and so lightweight. Siberian summer duvets are so formulated that a soft cool wrap up from all sides gives your body a refreshing sensation to straight away sink into slumber.

Effective Insulation:

Protecting you from the harshest conditions of nay climate around the year should be looked into as the sole objective of the duvet but in the same manner giving you a cooling effect in the scorching summers is only possible due to down inherited insulation features. The Siberian white goose down duvet is the most sought after, due to its exclusive insulating properties sand gentle soft feel.

Excellent Fill Power:

The down of goose has the unique ability to embed large quantities of air pockets, giving them a bulky appearance than in turn acts as an insulating medium. The fill power of the down is far better, which is why down filled duvets regulating the body temperature irrespective of the kind of climate prevalent outside. You get a softer or spongier feel due to the resourceful fill power. The fill power of Hungarian summer duvets varies from 500 fill powers to 8oo fill power.

Tog Ratings:

The tog rating of a duvet describes the warmth level. So, the summer duvets made up of Hungarian down are mostly of 4.5 tog which suits the season. As they are light and soft thus giving you the sense of cooling rather bulky on you.

Enduring and Long lasting:

The Hungarian goose down duvet is the best when it comes to value for money and long-term use. There are other cheaper duvets in the market that wear out on short time, but it is a wise to invest in an enduring Hungarian summer goose down duvet that’s going to give you a cooling and refreshing comfort for a longer period of time.